Alive, Awakened, and Amazed

This journey began as a maze of lost thoughts and feelings

I began trying to discover a dream that soon was followed by streams of joy

A stride of my emotional and physical strength began to form as I continuously made my way up the hill

I saw a light on the other side of the miraculous mountains


To be a home to my voice of visionary inspiration

To create a lifestyle of love for everyone

Exceeding my expectations

Providing open opportunities all while communities of connectedness are constructed

This adventurous quest took confidence, courage, and curiosity

With the progression of time

I became comfortable expressing the charisma of my character

Everyday I’m gravitating and grabbing at my dream

Practicing and preaching greatness on every scene

The higher the hill

The tougher the climb

The more tenacious we become

While never forgetting where we come from

And although we all have a calling on this campus

We will encounter overwhelming situations and stressful circumstances

We mustn’t be afraid nor frantic

There is only room for facing our fears

This dream of mine is slowly but surely coming to fruition

Up and down we go, gradually going through growth

Memories are moving

Surroundings are soothing

And it’s time to start proving exactly what I can do

Starting to see through the once blurry paths as they become clear

My brand is beginning to blend among these individuals from all walks of life

The time to rise is now, it’s here…

On the Hill, My New Home