MALANI ADKINS — The Language & Culture House is a living environment at Denison University where students can hone their language skills and participate in special cultural events. Students can be a part of this housing option by applying each year when the applications open. The Language & Culture House is currently located at Preston. However, as of recently, it has been confirmed that the house is being relocated to Kappa Sigma.

Hibak Farhan Hussein ‘2020 is a Biology major and Community Advisor at Preston. “I talked to the director at the language house, and it is very much confirmed that Kappa Sigma will be the new housing,” she said. “I’m not really sure [why Kappa Sig was chosen] it might’ve been the spaces considering Denison does accept a lot of First Years. Right now, in Preston, there are two rooms that are empty. However, in my opinion, I think it might restrict people because Kappa Sig is a little bit too far.”

Hibak feels that Preston is important because it offers a space and platform to practice the culture, language. “As a CA and a person that has lived there for nearly all of my Denison years, I find it as a welcoming space much more than any other residence that I’ve lived in because people who come to those housings, they usually are really interested in culture differences.” Hibak feels that Kappa Sigma may not offer people the same experience that Preston has. “I don’t think that they will get the same experience just because of the way Kappa Sig is built. But, they might…” Hibak states that what brings that community together is the interest in language and culture, so it all doesn’t just come down to living environment. “If they still hold onto that reason [the interest in language and culture] why they’re here, then it will still be a pleasant experience.”

However, according to Hibak, there are a variety of residents that may not be totally on board with the new living situation. “What I know right now is that none of my residents are re-applying, and most of them are really interested in the program. I would say 98% of them do not like the housing…which is an unfortunate position, but it all depends on how the new people start the new program, how they evaluate, and continue that pattern of appreciating culture, language, and differences.”