LENA MASSAREGLI, Special to The Denisonian — These three are no perfect angels, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Ray take on the pop charts with their new single “Don’t Call Me Angel”. This track is the first single off of the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, for the movie hitting theaters November 15th. These three ladies show just how independent they are in the lyrics and video of this song. 

For Ariana, she starts off the track in a very pop way, with the hook being “Boy, don’t call me angel/you ain’t got me right” it shows that she is ready to put someone in place. In the music video, the three artists start off the music video dressed in all-black with black angel wings on, showing off how independent they truly are.

After Ariana, Miley takes the main spotlight in a boxing ring. Ready to show just how strong she is. Cyrus takes verse 1 on this track her most impactful line being “All my girls successful, and you’re just our guest.”  Showing off how the three ‘angels’ singing on this track are their own people and no one but them runs their life. Jumping back into the chorus, Miley and Ariana work together on harmonizing before Ariana sings verse 2 of the track.

Lana Del Ray joins the track the third time the chorus is sung, harmonizing with the other two artists on the track. Right after the Chorus Lana takes over and slows the tempo of the track down to accommodate her singing style. The slower tempo makes Lana’s message clear about just how much her and the others are no angels. After that, all three pop singers close out the song by singing the chorus one last time.

This track maybe for the new Charlie’s Angels movie but that does not stop how well the three pop artists work together. All using their own musical stylings to add something unique to this track without compromising the type of music they are known for. This track definitely will show anyone how independent and confident these three ladies are. A track anticipated for a while since it gives us a first look on the Charlie’s Angels movie but also because it has three major female pop artists on it. The musical stylings of Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey make for an anthem of independence that everyone should go listen to for a confidence boost.