Cordero Estremera ‘23 is an English creative writing major from Iowa City, Iowa.

CORDERO ESTREMERA, Asst. Sports Editor—Have you ever had a great day ruined by something arbitrary?

Well, I certainly have because I’m weird. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, in which the sun’s heat caressed my skin. A slight breeze provided the perfect temperature for a great day. The perfect environment for my idiotic nature to flourish.

However, what made this morning incredible was the silence on campus. I found this sense of solitude, which was vastly different from the circumstance I went to bed to.

On the way to my 8 a.m. classes I smiled for no apparent reason, but I couldn’t help it. Eventually, I finished my classes and went to Curtis for breakfast like I typically do on Tuesdays. I grabbed a plate of food that consisted of eggs, potatoes, and sausage. Then I sat down and took a bite of my eggs, but they tasted like dirty soap. This took me by surprise because I hadn’t run into issues of this kind prior to this day. However, I definitely did not appreciate this taste in my mouth.

Ever since this occurrence that day I’ve grown overly critical of Curtis’s eggs.

I’m by no means Gordon Ramsey, however, I can tell you the eggs at Curtis are generally not up to par. Sometimes, the eggs are really watery and have this plastic-like taste to them. And because of this I generally just don’t eat them there anymore. However, the other day Curtis served cheesy eggs which were delicious.

Days like these are what make me conflicted about the quality of eggs at Curtis. I’ve also attempted to improve the quality of eggs by adding ketchup or syrup to them, however, this only makes it slightly better. I’ve come to the conclusion that omelets at Curtis are the way to go. They are consistently good and there are a variety of ingredients available to keep things fresh and enjoyable.

By no means is the issues I’ve run into with eggs indicative of all the food there. I want to emphasize this because despite Curtis being my least favorite place to eat, there are good days to go there. Such as, Sundays when Curtis serves chicken tenders which I love. They’ve yet to grow dull to my taste buds and that’s a big thing to me. Prior to that day of the soapy eggs, I really enjoyed eggs in general. But, since I started to dislike them I’ve explored alternatives and it’s been nice.

I encourage you to explore breakfast options other than eggs because you might find something really good. Never again shall an arbitrary thing like soapy eggs ruin my day.

Cordero Estremera ‘23 is an English creative writing major from Iowa City, Iowa.