MAGGIE WHEATLEY, Social Media Editor—Inspired by nighttime drives with no destination; this playlist has a mostly relaxed vibe with some high energy songs to capture the feeling of being young, wild, and free. Soft, echoing beats and compelling lyrics take the listeners from red light to green light in the nights where they feel the most alive. Some of my favorite songs from this playlist are featured below:

“These Days” by Wallows

Favorite lyrics: “I need to know if you’re feeling it or I’m wasting my time your way, or mine” 

The echoes of electric guitar and drums coupled with creative lyrics of wanting someone who potentially doesn’t feel the same creates a sense of longing that is only captured at night. Driving to “These Days” allows people to lose themselves in the music and focus on the present moment of being young, wild, and free.


Favorite lyrics: “You’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep”

“SUGAR” was my most listened to song of 2020, and for good reasons. The relaxed chorus, energetic verses, and melodic bridge flow back and forth working together to create a love song like no other. The last lines of the song beg the question, “Do you love me?” over and over again with a slow melody of acoustic guitar playing the till the end. “SUGAR” perfectly encapsulates the infinite feeling of being young and in love.

“Freaking Out” by A R I Z O N A

Favorite lyrics: “Sleeping with the light on every night I can’t stand my bedroom up with blankets on the couch Woah, it’s killing me, I’m burning up inside Woah, I’m a mess right now and I’m just freaking out I’m seeing sounds, I’m freaking out”

I listened to this song often when it first came out in 2018, but forgot about it until I heard it playing at Silverstein. “Freaking Out” switches seamlessly between slow echoes to lively almost screams, crafting a sense of freedom whilst allowing listeners to lose themselves in the song and their surroundings.

“Easy” (feat. Mark Ronson) by Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves

Favorite lyrics: “I can’t even look at you Would you look at the space just next to your feet? The wood is warping The lines distorting”

“Easy” does not get the credit it deserves! It’s a high energy collaboration between Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves, and Mark Ronson with a glittery disco vibe. Much like nighttime drives going nowhere, “Easy” leaves the listeners wishing the song lasted forever.

“Creep” by TLC

Favorite lyrics: “I’ll keep giving loving till the day he pushes me away Never go astray”

Released in 1992, TLC’s “Creep” tells the story of a broken relationship in which both partners are cheating on each other. The lyrics are perfect for singing along on the highway, and the fast beat combined with classic brass instrument sounds of 90’s R&B create a relaxed atmosphere for the listeners to live in the moment.

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