TORRIA CATRONE, Arts & Life Editor—For the majority of people, talking about their genitals is a taboo subject. The stigma around discussions about sex, gender, and sexuality makes it dificult for people to feel validated in their experiences. In an effort to start a safe, healthy, and inclusive dialogue about these topics and more at Denison, The Genital Monologues was created in 2014. 

Students are given the opportunity to submit written pieces about their identity, body, or sexual experiences. Then, other students perform the pieces in a culminating performance. The pieces are typically anonymous, giving the writers the opportunity to be candid in a way they might be afraid to otherwise be. 

This year, the event took place virtually via a link which was live from March 19 until March 21. In order to maintain the integrity of the safe space The Genital Monologues has worked hard to create, the event required registration and was only available for this short period of time. 

At the end of each performance, the performers took a moment to acknowledge sexual assault suvivors in the audience. 

In all, the space is a beautiful expression of the many different experiences Denison students and alumni have in regards to their bodies and sexuality.