This does not necessarily have to do with sports, or truly any topic in general, but it is my justification, my appeal, to everybody who does not like to write, or does not think they would be good at it.

Have you ever wanted your voice to be heard?

Have you ever wanted to not be drowned out by the annoying and ridiculous noise of your peers?

Have you ever felt you feel that you have stronger, or even more unique, ideas that you have confidence in people understanding if only they could hear?

In conversations, people could block you out, they could isolate you, they could mock you, they could ruin your confidence.

But on paper, on a newspaper, nobody can do that. Those are printed words, unable to be taken back, unable to be truly ‘corrected’. People certainly don’t have to read it but you can bet a college tuition that someone will, and that someone, conventionally or unconventionally, will enjoy it.

You don’t have to be a grammar star or have a meticulous attention-to-detail persona, for I certainly do not have either of those assets, but you do have to have a passion.

That’s the main thing we, as a newspaper, ask for in our writers.

Forget the fact that being on your college newspaper is a nice resume builder and that it teaches you to write more effectively. Forget the fact that being on a newspaper also allows you to cover, and have insight to, certain things you never thought you would be interested in.

I can tell you, as of right now, the newspaper has been nothing but fun for me. I came into this year with absolutely no past experience in school newspapers and I had a steep learning curve as an assistant editor. Thanks to my wonderful editors and mentors, however, I have vastly improved.

In fact, due to my progression with the newspaper, I have just recently been accepted into the internship program at CityScene Magazine in Columbus, Ohio.

I do not have an interest in writing, as a profession, after college. In fact, English is not even one of my scholarly concentrations.

But I do have interest in learning, in improving, in becoming a well-rounded college student.

Writing does more than just give you a voice, it also gives you an identity.

There are very few feelings that compare to when someone compliments you on a recent article, someone whom you might not have ever known before. Soon enough, you are accepted into more social groups than you can handle, and you are known throughout campus.

If you have an interest in finding a new experience and becoming an active member of your college community, please contact us. We would be honored to publish your writing.

You are here for a total of four years. Make an impact, give yourself a voice, become the well-rounded student a respected Liberal Arts college, like Denison, wants you to become.

Our e-mail is [email protected]